Sirius Reviews

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Reviews for Sirius satellite radio are overwhelmingly positive. Always considered the industry, if not the market, leader, Sirius continues to raise the bar in terms of the variety of quality programming. For sports enthusiasts, classic radio drama fans, and public radio junkies, Sirius has no competition.

Sirius Reviews: The Music Matters

And then there's the music, delivered with digital quality sound 24 hours a day, and 100 percent commercial free. Sirius offers 13 separate pop channels, each dedicated to a specific era or style of pop music. 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s music all have individual homes, as does contemporary Christian pop, and today's top 40. And Elvis never leaves the building on Sirius: he's got his very own, 24 hour live stream, sure to please even the most stalwart fan of the King.

For Rock enthusiasts, there are 17 channels. In addition to era-defined stations, there are also streams dedicated to less known cuts of famous albums, channels for heavy metal and hair bands, and even a hybrid-genre channel featuring a mix of hard rock, punk and rap designed to appeal specifically to extreme sports enthusiasts. A sampling of the celebrity djs to be found on both the pop and rock channels includes Wavy Gravy, Mark Goodman (MTV), Fred Schneider (B52s), David Johansen (NY Dolls), Andrew Loog Oldman (Rolling Stones record producer), and even Lance Armstrong (Olympic Medalist).

Country music features six dedicated channels, and Hip-Hop has four channels, one of which is the brainchild of Eminem. There are 5 R&B/Urban channels, 6 Electronic/Dance channels, 6 Jazz/Standards channels, and 3 Classical offerings, one devoted to vocal music, one to symphonic pieces, and the last one devoted to classical pops. With variety like this, plus hundreds of live appearances by stars across the music universe dropping by for interviews and impromptu live performances, it's no wonder that music fans and industry experts agree that Sirius delivers the goods.

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