Sirius Satellite Radio

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Sirius satellite radio is the most exciting thing to happen in media since the development of cable television. Sirius features 65 music channels, each streaming in crystal clear digital sound, and 100 percent commercial free. Sirius also features over 50 unique news and entertainment programs to appeal to even the most jaded radio listeners.

Lights out, Ear against the Speaker

Back in the days of yore, families huddled together 'round the radio for an evening's entertainment. Back then, radios were as nearly as big as today's giant screen televisions. Lights were dimmed for spooky mystery/suspense programs. Children huddled excitedly to listen to the adventures of their radio heroes. Couples danced in front of Christmas trees to live broadcasts from sophisticated, glamorous New York.

Radio raised the curtain on the theatre of the mind. From comedy to drama, the listener became fully, not passively, involved in the stories told. The imagination became razor sharp, visualizing the humorous scenarios between Abbott and Costello, the creepy environs described in radio dramas like The Shadow, and of course, the terrifying invasion of strangers from space described so electrifyingly by Orson Welles and his Mercury Theatre Players.

After the advent of television, radio became in many ways a "less-than" form of entertainment. Radio became literally, and figuratively, smaller. Gradually, radio's creative content withered up, until we ended up with today's mainstream, homogenized, one-format-fits-all listening experience. Sirius satellite radio changes all that.

Sirius Satellite Radio: Now Playing in the Theatre of the Mind

Sirius satellite radio brings back not only the greatest of yesterday's radio dramas, but also the fairly revolutionary idea of handpicked music, selected by disc jockeys that are experts in their genre, with no corporate mandated playlist, and no commercial obligations. Sirius offers sixty five individual, unique music channels, each with a full line-up of genre-specific music programs. Each channel features live, studio interviews and performances from artists who are leaders and legends. Every channel of every style of music is broadcast in digital quality with crystal clear sound. No more static. Ever.

The wide variety of sports programming may result in men huddled around the radio like their grandfathers were. Sirius is the home for the NFL, the NBA, and the NCAA. There simply is no better sports lineup found anywhere on the radio dial.

News, information, comedy and other entertainment channels fill the spectrum as well. Plus, fulfilling its promise of something for everyone, Sirius has programming dedicated to both the partisan left and partisan right, and those of us somewhere in the middle. There are channels and programming devoted to a wide spectrum of interests, including the NRA, multiple religious channels, BBC news, a channel devoted exclusively to the interests of women, of extreme sports enthusiasts, of gay men and women, and even to the professional and personal concerns of commercial truck drivers.

Customize Your Sirius Experience

Sirius satellite radio, however, realized that though they offer "something for everyone," not everyone wants to hear other people's "something". Therefore, there are easy to use channel "locks" for those who prefer some channels to be "out of reach" of curious children's hands. This is a responsible stance, since some Sirius content is for adults only. Howard Stern, in late 2004 for instance, signed a history-making five year exclusive deal with Sirius for his own channel, as did Eminem for his rap station Shade 45. There are also multiple comedy offerings, most of which are suitable for the whole family, but a few which do feature mature material. Nonetheless, Sirius radio gives families, couples and individuals an opportunity to discover the magic of radio for themselves. And though no one will be putting the television away in favor of the radio, don't be surprised if you find your family listening together to War of the Worldswith wide eyes, or find yourself happily sitting in your car long after you've arrived home, just to enjoy the last 20 minutes of your home team's big game. . .five states away.

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