Sirius Vs Xm

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Despite Sirius being considered by peers and experts as the industry leader in satellite radio, XM has so far been winning the war in terms of numbers of subscribers. However, recent developments seem to indicate this is about to change. First, Sirius continues to deepen its already impressive lineup of on-air talent. Secondly, they continue to make news as they sign exclusive satellite broadcast agreements with popular sports organizations.

Sirius: Industry Leader

Ever since the beginning of this healthy rivalry, Sirius has been considered the industry leader. Sirius was the first to carry commercial-free music channels. Sirius is still the the only one to carry heavyweight news options like National Public Radio. And then, of course, it signed the exclusive agreement to broadcast live NFL and NBA games,complete with play-by-play.

Never content, Sirius continues to strive to improve content and service. Where XM has two satellites, Sirius has three, positioned in such a way that one is always over the USA. In automotive partnerships, XM is associated with GM; Sirius with Ford, but also with Mercedes-Benz and the entire Daimler-Chrysler fleet, Mazda, Volvo and BMW.

In fall of 2004, Sirius made two more programming coups. The signing of Howard Stern to an exclusive five-year contract made headlines all over the country. Then, as recently as November of the same year, Sirius received exclusive live satellite radio broadcast rights for NCAA sporting events. With quality programming developments like these, Sirius is a company not only to listen to, but to watch, as well.

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