Sportster Satellite Radio

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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In terms of satellite radio providers, Sirius has a lock on the most popular sporting events in the United States. Sirius satellite radio has exclusive agreements to broadcast the NFL, the NBA, and the NCAA. In appealing to the large segment of their subscribers that are primarily sports fans, Sirius has a special satellite radio receiver known as "The Sportster."

Sirius Sportster for the Serious Sportsfan

The Sportster is a portable receiver that can be installed in multiple "docking stations" to broadcast from the car, the house, or from a highly portable boombox. With Sportster satellite radio, sports fans can enjoy live play-by-plays of all their favorite teams, from just about any location. The Sportster is just one of many models of these "Plug and Play" portable receivers.

All Plug and Play portable receivers have at least 30 presets, a 10 key remote, and offer digital quality and static-free sound. But the Sportster has several enhancements designed specifically to please dedicated sports fans. The Sportster features an extra large display area for the easy reading of sports scores and statistics, options for displaying one's team mascot on the LCD screen, and multiple alarms to signal when favorite teams will be playing in the coming week.

But of course the major benefit is being able to follow your home team no matter where they are. Transplanted fans of the Lions, the Saints, the Chiefs, the Jets and such don't have to be back in their hometowns to enjoy firsthand the excitement of the game. Neither do dedicated alumni of NCAA teams, nor do fans homesick for the Chicago Bulls have to wait to see quick 30 second clips on nightly sports update television programs. With Sportster satellite radio, anyone can "go home for the big game."

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