Dnc Solutions

Written by Amy Hall
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DNC solutions have finally been implemented after President Bush signed the Do Not Call Implementation Act into law. After years of growing complaints by consumers regarding telemarketing practices, the Federal Trade Commission and the Federal Communications Commission amended the way direct marketing companies can conduct business. People were letting their dissatisfaction with being bothered in their homes by solicitors be known, and it has led to the new Do Not Call Law.

Of course, this stirred up some controversy because the Direct Marketing Association felt that this was a violation of their rights to free speech. Nonetheless, these DNC Solutions have remained in place and they are strictly enforced today by the FTC, the FCC, and the state law enforcement. The result is that direct marketing companies have had to totally overhaul the way they do business in order to comply with these new Do Not Call guidelines.

Effective DNC Solutions

Consumers are thrilled with the benefits of these DNC Solutions, as it has put some control back into their hands. Once a consumer has registered his or her number with the Do Not Call Registry, they have a three month waiting period, upon which time they can expect to see a big drop-off in the amount of direct marketing calls they receive at home. Their number will remain on this list for five years, when they have the choice to re-register it to keep it active on the list.

Consumers can remove their number from the list at any time they choose. Consumers can also file formal complaints if telemarketing companies continue to call after the three month time period is up. For more info about this new law, please visit our recommended site by clicking on the above link.

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