Do Not Call List Guidelines

Written by Amy Hall
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Do Not Call List guidelines were put into effect to give consumers more control over who calls them at home. The growing list of complaints to the Federal Trade Commission and the Federal Communications Commission prompted some investigation into the way Telemarketing companies were conducting business. Consumers were tired of feeling harassed in their own homes, and continued to complain until some actions were taken.

The new Do Not Call List guidelines make it harder for telemarketers to just randomly dial any phone number. They now have to actually stop and think before dialing anyone's number, or they could face a fine of $11,000 per offense. In a nutshell, if a telemarketer calls a number that is registered on the DNC List, they will face this severe fine, and potentially lose their job.

Following the Do Not Call List Guidelines

Due to these strict changes, telemarketers have been forced to really change the way they were conducting business. Many direct marketing companies have purchased Do Not Call software that helps them to follow these new guidelines. This software works by readily drawing attention to those phone numbers that are registered on the DNC list, and either removing them from the telemarketers own lists, or placing a red flag next to them as a Do Not Call phone number.

Registered numbers take three months to go into affect, and calls placed before this time are not in violation of this law. Phone numbers on the DNC list are good for five years, upon which time they need to be re-registered. For more info about these new guidelines, please visit our recommended site by clicking on the link on this page.

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