Do Not Call List Rules

Written by Amy Hall
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The Do Not Call List Rules are quite simple. If you are a direct marketing company, you may not call a private residence that has it's phone number registered on the National Do Not Call List. If you do place a call to a registered number on the DNC List, you will face a fine of up to $11,000, and you may also lose your job.

The Federal Trade Commission and the Federal Communications Commission, have received an enormous amount of consumer complaints in recent years concerning direct marketing companies. Consumers are tired of being called at home by sales people, during the most disruptive times. More and more people have begun to take the phone off the hook during dinner, or even for the evening in order to avoid unwanted solicitations.

Important Do Not Call List Rules

Obviously, private citizens should not have to feel like they must take the phone off the hook in order to avoid uninvited phone calls by solicitors. This outpouring of complaints led the FTC and FCC to make some important changes to the way direct marketing companies carried out business. Ultimately, the Do Not Call Law was passed by President George Bush after it was unanimously passed through the House of Representatives and the Senate.

There are some other important Do Not Call List Rules to be aware of, whether you are a consumer or a telemarketer. First, a direct marketing company must always state who they are, and give a contact phone number upon being verbally greeted by the consumer. They must also refrain from calling any consumer's home before 8am and after 9pm. For a complete review of the guidelines, log onto the FTC's website at WWW.DONOTCALL.GOV.

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