Ftc Do Not Call List Scrub

Written by Amy Hall
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FTC Do Not Call List Scrub refers to Do Not Call software that will compare a list of phone numbers to the National Do Not Call List. The results of this comparison are considered to be "scrubbed" results, as they are the most accurate up-to-date numbers on the DNC List. This type of software can be purchased online, rather inexpensively, through retailers of computer software.

It is a wise investment and a small one to make considering the hefty fine you can pay if you unknowingly dial a number that is on the FTC Do Not Call List. You can be fined $11,000 and you may lose your job. Isn't it worth it to safeguard your professional reputation with some software that can help with the FTC Do Not Call List scrub?

FTC Do Not Call List Scrub Software

Since the Do Not Call Law was signed by President Bush, all direct marketing companies have had to take stock in how they would proceed forward and keep in compliance with the new guidelines. Obviously, no one wants to make an error so great that it could cost them their job and potentially $11,000 in fines. Software that "scrubs" the DNC List is essential because it provides the latest, most accurate list of registered phone numbers.

If you are in the direct marketing business, and want to follow these rules and regulations, you can purchase DNC software online. You can conduct a search using Google to locate retailers of this type of software. Or for more information about "scrubbing" software, please visit our recommended site by clicking the link above.

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