Telemarketing Resources

Written by Amy Hall
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Telemarketing resources are readily available online when you do a search using a good search engine. If you are a consumer and you want to register your number on the DNC List, you can find out how to proceed by conducting a simple search. If you log onto Google, you will be prompted to type in some precise key words that will help the search engine locate sites containing those words.

In this case, you could type in the words, "Telemarketing Resources" or "FTC Do Not Call List" and hit submit. Google will search for all the sites that contain these words, and will display them for you on your computer screen. You can then take some time to browse through them to locate the information you are looking for regarding the new telemarketing law.

Telemarketing Resources Online

More than likely, you will find the website to the Federal Trade Commission. This site will give you the history of the new Do Not Call Law, as well as the guidelines that telemarketing companies must follow. You will learn about penalties for violations, how to file a formal complaint, how to register your number and so on.

The Federal Trade Commission also has a site for telemarketing companies that can guide them through this new law so that they can comply with the rules easier. They can download state and national DNC Lists, as well as integrate software to come up with accurate listings. All in all, this new law has made consumers happier as they are no longer receiving unwanted calls to their homes. Companies who follow the guidelines should not have a problem complying with this policy either.

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