Telemarketing Software

Written by Amy Hall
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Telemarketing Software is software that helps telemarketers follow the Do Not Call Guidelines. Usually a direct marketing company purchases DNC software to integrate with their existing software. A process called "scrubbing" compares the National Do Not Call List with the software, and produces a cleaned-up version of that list. In essence, this means that the list produced has the most up-to-date phone numbers which are registered on the DNC list.

It is very important for telemarketers to follow the new guidelines, but if they do not, they face severe penalties. For instance, any telemarketer that dials a number which is registered on the DNC list, either knowingly or unknowingly, faces a fine of $11,000 and potentially can lose their job. In addition, this puts a black mark on the entire reputation of that particular direct marketing company.

Following Guidelines with Telemarketing Software

If you are interested in finding out more about telemarketing software, you could run a search online. If you log onto Google for instance, you will be prompted to type in some pertinent key words which will help narrow your search. In this case, you could use "DNC Software", and hit submit.

The search engine will locate all the sites that contain these words and display them for you on your computer screen. You might have a considerable list to browse through, but you will most likely find the information useful. For more info about this type of software, feel free to visit our recommended site by clicking on the above link.

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