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Written by Amy Hall
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Telemarketing Solutions have changed the way direct marketing companies do business. Since President Bush signed the Do Not Call Implementation Act into law, there have been tougher guidelines to follow for telemarketing companies. This puts more power back into the hands of the consumer, who can now basically choose if he or she wants to receive phone calls from solicitors.

The National Do Not Call List is a list of consumer phone numbers that can not under any circumstances be dialed by telemarketing companies. If a telemarketer dials a registered number on the DNC List, whether they know it's registered or not, can face fines up to $11,000 and possibly even termination from their job. The FTC and the FCC along with state law officials are strictly enforcing this new law.

Telemarketing Solutions that Work

This Do Not Call Law makes great sense if you think about it. When telemarketing companies call consumers who are aggravated with these phone calls, they are not going to be very successful in selling their good or service to those consumers. If, on the other hand, a direct marketing company contacts a consumer who is not registered on the list, they have a better chance at making a sale because the consumer is more than likely not mad that the call was made in the first place. Telemarketing solutions, such as this new DNC List, really is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Some points to keep in mind are that you must register your number to ensure that solicitors stop calling your home. It takes three months from the day of registration for this service to take affect, and it does not mean that all calls will cease. Non-profit organizations, companies you currently have a business relationship with, as well as long-distance phone companies and insurance companies are exempt from this new law.

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