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Written by Amy Hall
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You can view Do Not Call List when you log onto the FTC's site for telemarketing companies. This website address is WWW.TELEMARKETING.DONOTCALL.GOV, and it contains useful information regarding the National Do Not Call list and the guidelines that go with it. If you are in the direct marketing business, you can not afford not to know who is on that list.

Consumers nationwide have been filing complaints with the Federal Trade Commission and the Federal Communications Commission regarding unwanted phone calls from solicitors. It seemed to many people that there were just no regulations in place, and that their rights to privacy were being violated. If you can not relax at home without worrying about harassing phone calls from solicitors, where can you relax?

How to View Do Not Call List

The FCC and the FTC took heed and made some amendments to the way direct marketing companies could do business. The result is the new Do Not Call Law, which penalizes any telemarketing representative who knowingly or unknowingly dials a number that is registered on the DNC List. The fine for such an offense is $11,000 with the possibility of losing your job.

It's simply not worth it to make such a mistake. When you log onto the FTC's website for telemarketing representatives, you can view Do Not Call List and even download it to your desktop. When you know the ins and outs of this new law, you will protect yourself and your job.

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