Best Dvd Burners

Written by Abby Luttrell
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The best DVD burners currently on the market are made by 321 Studio. DVD X Copy is the best selling DVD copying software. PC Magazine gives it a four star rating.

Variety of Best DVD Burners

Many suppliers have a large variety of top-quality DVD burning software. DVD X Copy XPress can back up long movies onto one disc with a new compression system. These are high quality 1:1 backup copies at an MPEG-2 compression.

DVD Copy Plus 4.2 is 321 Studio's software program to back up DVD movies to a standard CD-RW disc. Copy Plus will create movies on the VCD format. All you need is the Copy Plus 4.2 software plus a DVD-ROM and your CD-R.

When you're thinking about purchasing the best DVD burners, don't forget about the Power CDR5, which can copy and burn software games and music. It can copy perfect 1:1 files, including MP3s, AVIs, music CDs, Karaoke CDs and Playstation games. The DVD Photo Pro can convert VHS movies to DVD. You can also create your own movies for your friends and family with DVD Photo Pro, from your own home videos, 8mm films, slides and photos.

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