Written by Abby Luttrell
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The great thing about DVD discs is that they can be duplicated easily and quickly. They aren't subject to the glitches and imperfections of VHS duplication. A clone DVD is virtually identical to its parent DVD; there are no second and third generation visual losses like in the VHS format.

CloneDVD Features

The standard features of your DVD will be present on the clone DVD. There will be all the special features available, as well as language choice, special effects, and subtitles. The programmability of the copied DVD disc is the same--you can play back selected sections in a desired sequence.

Your DVD burner program produces a DVD clone which will have the same audio qualities as the original. You will have Dolby and Digital SurroundSound audiotracks. The audio quality of a DVD disc is actually better than a CD.

You can make clone DVDs of your favorite video games, such as Xbox, PSX, PS2, Dreamcast and PC Video Games, if you have the correct additional software. DVD copying software will allow you to copy all your VHS tapes to DVD without losing any of the visual or audio quality. You can create a whole library of clone DVDs with the exact same quality as the originals.

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