Dvd Backup Software

Written by Abby Luttrell
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DVD backup software allows you to make a perfect copy of your DVD video. This is possible because the duplication process virtually creates an electronic clone. Your original DVD was encoded from master tapes to an MPEG-2 format.

Your DVD clone simply reproduces the MPEG-2 format. Low budget DVDs or DVD burning software may use MPEG-1 encoding. This will result in a copy that is no better than the standard VHS.

Don't Try To Save Money on DVD Backup Software

A VCD is a compact disc (CD) that contains moving pictures and sound. VCDs use audio and video compression to reduce the size of the original movie, allowing it to be stored on one or two CDs. This kind of compression is called MPEG-1. Low budget DVD burners will incorporate MPEG-1 compression common to VCDs, and therefore will result in DVDs that contain visual flaws and compression artifacts.

It's important to purchase DVD burning software from a recommended source. The most highly rated DVD copying software is made by 321 Studio. Their DVD X Copy software is the best selling and highest rated DVD backup software available, and only produces top-quality MPEG-2 DVD clones.

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