Dvd Burner Program

Written by Abby Luttrell
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It's fun to have your own DVD burner program and build up your movie library. DVDs have such superior audio and visual quality that many times they look better than the print in your local movie theatre. And your friends will appreciate coming over and lounging on the couch to watch the latest flick instead of paying big bucks at the local multiplex.

Using Your DVD Burner Program

When you use your DVD burner program to copy a commercial DVD, you should be aware of some changes. A low budget DVD burner may use a low-grade compression system, resulting in visual flaws and compression artifacts. It's best to buy the best DVD burner from a recommended source in order the keep the visual quality high.

Secondly, most commercial movies on DVD are "dual layered." They can hold twice as much information as the blank recordable DVDs available to consumers. As a result, DVDs have to be copied onto two discs to keep all the extras, or they have to be compressed.

Studio 321's DVD backup software program, DVD X Copy XPress, is specifically designed to put all the features as well as the film onto one disc. Using a new compression system, any length film will fit onto one disc.

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