Dvd Burning Software

Written by Abby Luttrell
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DVDs can be copied using the latest DVD burning software. The best DVD burners will produce an exact DVD clone, in other words, an electronic duplicate of your original movie. A clone DVD can actually be better than the original DVD, because the DVD burning software will remove scratches, flaws and damage as it makes the copy.

Advantages of DVD Burning Software

Your clone DVD will have the same features as your original DVD. These include over two hours of quality digital video, and support for widescreen movies on standard or widescreen TVs. The clone DVD will hold up to eight tracks of digital audio with up to eight channels on each track.

Your DVD copy can hold up to 32 subtitle and karaoke tracks. There will be automatic seamless branching of video for multiple story lines. Up to nine camera angles can communicate different viewpoints.

The on-screen menus and interactive features will be reproduced intact. The same is true for the multilingual identifying text for title name, cast, and crew. The trailer, outtakes, director's commentary, and bonus footage will be part of your DVD clone also.

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