Dvd Menu Creation

Written by Dallas Smith
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DVD menu creation is one of the hallmarks of DVD design that gives this format a distinct advantage over its competition. This level of interactivity began with the CD-ROM format, but has truly reached a new level with the emergence of DVDs. Most importantly, the exceptional interactivity that you might be accustomed to from DVD movies is now available in a variety of applications that reaches far beyond the entertainment industry.

DVD Menu Creation: Just One Part of the Whole

DVD menu creation is just one aspect of the DVD production process. That process begins with the initial encoding process, in which a range of media and data formats are converted to the MPEG-2 DVD format. It is during the next step, the authoring process, during which the converted content is edited, organized, and provided navigational structure through interactive menus. A third aspect of the process involves replicating the original master copy, if wider distribution is desired.

Combined, these processes form a complete picture of the DVD production process, which is making it possible to create DVDs for a wide range of applications within entertainment, business, and the educational fields. Taking advantage of this dynamic multimedia presentation format is as simple as taking the time to research top providers. Also, don't forget that DVD is seeing increased popularity as a means of efficiently storing and accessing data--just one more benefit of this format to consider!

Meeting Your Needs

Whatever industry or field in which you work, you'll find that the DVD format offers exceptional possibilities for both your media presentations and your data storage. As the format continues to evolve, you'll find more and more providers offering competitive products and prices. With these considerations in mind, commit to spending the time and energy necessary to find a provider offering the product and the prices that can best meet your needs for effective content management.

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