Dvd Wizard Pro

Written by Abby Luttrell
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DVD Wizard Pro, DVD copying software, is the most technically advanced method of DVD reproduction available. With the Version 5.75, all you need is a CD burner to back up any DVD or VHS cassette. DVD Wizard Pro will also show you how to back up a DVD using a DVD-R or DVD-RW burner.

Here's what you will need for Wizard Pro. You should have an internal DVD ROM (any speed) and a CDR installed in your computer. Then you will need blank CD-Rs for recording.

System Needed for DVD Wizard Pro

Your system can be Windows 95, 98 or 2000. Your computer should be a Pentium II 300 MMX or the equivalent. You'll need at least 64 Mg in memory.

Your hard drive should have at least 4Gb of free space, and preferably 10Gb of free space. The Wizard Pro makes the highest quality copies available. These CD copies are of a much higher quality than the standard VHS tape, and of slightly lower quality than a DVD original.

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