Dvdxcopy Tips

Written by Abby Luttrell
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If you're burning DVDs with a DVD burner program, you should be aware of copying problems. A low budget DVD copying software may produce compression artifacts. These are created by compressing the audio and video of the movie, and the type of compression, MPEG-1, is largely responsible for the visual flaws.

Visual flaws possible from compression may include color banding, fuzzy dots, and shimmering. Visual details may be missing. Faces may appear to be floating above bodies.

It's important to invest in the best DVD burner program to avoid compression artifacts. The top rated DVD copying software is DVD X Copy and DVD X Copy XPress, from 321 Studio. DVDXCopy has some tips to enhance your digital movie viewing.

Important DVDXCopy Tips

One of the most important DVDXCopy tips is to set the "sharpness" control to the lowest possible reading on your TV. People mistakenly set their "sharpness" control very high, thinking that the average DVD is extremely sharp. But it only delivers the sharpness with the TV control set at "low." Other tips are: check your cables, and adjust your TV if you aren't getting the best possible picture.

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