External Dvd Burner

Written by Abby Luttrell
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If you're thinking of buying an external DVD burner, there are some questions you may have. One commonly asked question is, what kind of system do I need? You can run a Windows 95, 98 or 2000 platform.

Memory Needed For External DVD Burner

You'll need memory of up to 128Mb. Your hard drive should have 10Gb of free space. These are pretty standard for most computer systems, and an external DVD burner is compatible with most computer brands.

How long will the process of DVD burning take? On a computer of average speed, it will take roughly 30 minutes to copy an average 90 minute movie. It will take another 15 minutes to burn the DVD.

If you're copying your DVD to a CD (VCD or SVCD format) it will take longer. The video must be re-encoded, and it may take 90 minutes or longer depending on your system. But then you're ready to invite all your friends over to watch your favorite movie!

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