Basic Dvd

Written by Dallas Smith
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Basic DVD typically refers to a sort of bare-bones DVD that doesn't usually contain all the bells and whistles associated with, say, the special-edition DVDs that are popular for many blockbuster movies. In many cases, a basic DVD is actually going to be preferred over a more elaborate one, simply because the cost for both purchase and production is going to be substantially less. Altogether, the desired sophistication of a DVD will depend in large part on the individual who is buying it.

This degree of sophistication also comes into play during a DVD transfer process, when videotape content is being converted into the DVD format. Sometimes, an individual might choose to transfer video data to DVD simply for storage needs or to have a back-up hard copy of the original content. In this situation, the DVD wouldn't need to be as elaborate as it would for someone who was planning distribution or presentation of their DVDs.

The Basic DVD: Breaking it Down

When it comes to actual components of the basic DVD, you can usually expect the bare minimum of features, which in many cases, is just fine. Specifically, content will usually be broken down into time intervals that you can access via your remote control or player controls, but there will be no menu to detail specific segments of content. This arrangement, when compared to videotape navigation, is still far preferable to the fast-forwarding and rewinding that videotapes require.

Another feature of this type of DVD is the packaging, which will usually involve only a clear plastic case with no inserts. Again, if you are going to use your DVDs for simple storage needs, this option is more than sufficient. Whatever your intentions, this type of DVD is going to provide you with the simplest transfer solution that is also going to be the most affordable, and a typical transfer service should be able to provide this option.

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