Code Free Dvd

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Why Code Free DVD?

If you want to watch videos from around the world, you'll need to buy a code free DVD player. Code free DVD players are not locked into a specific region of the world, and can play DVDs from any regions. Why are most DVD players coded for regions in this way?

Control Of Movie Releases

The motion picture industry of North America wanted to find a way of controlling the release of movies worldwide. We can all understand that they wanted to protect their investment. But the system of coding of DVD players that they came up with made it very difficult for consumers everywhere.

Freedom Of Viewing

Now, our viewing is at the mercy of forces outside our control unless we take steps to get a code free DVD player, which is sometimes also known as a region-free DVD player, or a code 0 DVD player. There are six regions for DVD players; The United States, which includes the US territories and Canada, is region one. The motion picture industry intended that movies should be released in stages, first of course, in the US.

RCE-New From The Motion Picture Industry

Now that more and more code free DVD players are being sold, the motion picture industry has been forced to come up with new ideas. Consumers should watch out for Regional Code Enhancement. RCE is where code is incorporated into the DVDs themselves, so that they won't play on a code free DVD player.

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