Codefree Dvd Players

Written by Patricia Skinner
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DVD Compatibility

The name of the game in the world of DVD players is now compatibility. Manufacturers are beginning to realize that the efforts of the motion picture industry to protect their own interests by installing code in DVD players so that they can only play DVDs from their own region is hurting them.

Codefree DVD Players Everywhere

So now, you can buy codefree DVD players everywhere. Some manufacturers are even promising compatibility with other makes as well as codefree use of DVDs from all six regions and top quality viewing, in their struggle to please the consumer. This is all good for the end user. Not such good news for the motion picture industry though.

Codefree By Any Other Name

Other names by which you might find codefree DVD players include zone free DVD, region free DVD or even code 0 DVD. Many codefree DVD players now include new chipset technology that guarantees compatibility across the board so you can forget about compatibility problems-for now that is.

Watch Out For RCE!

In further attempts to retain control, the motion picture industry is having new technology called Regional Code Enhancing installed on all DVDs shortly. RCE will ensure that North American DVDs will not play on any codefree DVD players. So you might want to keep that in mind and watch for more advances to overcome RCE as they inevitably arise. As yet, Code Free DVD Resources does not have information on whether RCE will be installed on DVDs from other regions.

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