Pal Camcorders

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Everyone Wants One!

PAL camcorders are among the most desirable items on the market today. Everyone, from kids to grandparents loves a camcorder with which to record their lives and special occasions. Today's PAL Camcorders are a far cry from their earlier relatives. With high quality pictures as well as digital sound in many cases, you can be confident of making your recordings to please generations to come.

Camcorder Images Are Better Than Ever

In addition to amazingly high resolution picture images, you have the option of downloading your video pictures onto your PC so you can process them, edit them, and even send them as still pictures to friends and family wherever they are. Granted the still picture from a PAL camcorder may not be of the same high quality as the video itself, but you still have the option.

Lightweight PAL Camcorders

PAL camcorders are lightweight and easy to use. Today, they come with batteries that will keep you going for hours and are easy and quick to recharge once you're done. Other common extras in PAL camcorders are night lights (for shooting your loved ones in the dark) and separate memory cards so you can store snapshots as if you were using a digital camera.

Compatible With Your VCR

Of course, PAL camcorders produce video film that's compatible with your PAL VCR. Most models also come with software to enable you to do your own editing from your PC. This option opens up whole new vistas for many PAL camcorder users.

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