Pal Video Camera

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Close To Professional

In the past few years advances in design mean that your PAL video camera will bring you very close to producing professional videos. Modern technology is so easy to use, you'll have the benefit of years of experience in the field at your fingertips. So there's no longer any excuse for not making home videos of your family and your life that will be actually worth watching for a long time to come.

Small And Lightweight

Often, the quality of video produced by a PAL video camera is so good it can be used by professionals. Because they are smaller than professional equipment, they're easy to carry around and wonderful for tight spots! Although you'll love the automatic features that come with nearly every PAL video camera, they can still be switched to manual mode if you like to have more control over your video shoots.

Digital Ability

The digital features on a PAL video camera are great! Often they have a preset for almost any situation, ranging from sports (as fast a shutter as possible) to snow (automatic backlight compensation) to Night Mode, where they can make almost any dark scene bright enough by using ridiculously slow shutter speeds.

Special Effects

You can also get many special digital effects, such as black and white and sepia, as well as transitions. If you're thinking of buying a model that doesn't have these last two though, don't worry because it is so easy to apply them later using a computer and the software provided by the PAL video camera manufacturer.

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