Region Free Dvd

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Get Up To Speed On Region Free DVD

If you're planning to use DVDs that come from outside your region, then you'd be a lot better off buying a region free DVD player. That way you'll avoid the disappointment of not being able to watch any DVD that's from outside your particular zone. You're probably wondering why DVD players are coded for regions anyway.

Do You Need Region Free DVD?

What's the point in regionally coding DVD players? Well the reasoning behind it is to give the motion picture industry the control they crave over who watches what, when and where. I can hear you asking the next question that begs to be asked. Why would they want to do that?

Restricting Viewing

The plain truth of the matter is that it's important to the motion picture industry to be able to control the timed release of movies. Dividing the world up into regions and coding DVD players so that each region will only play DVDs for that region is the best way they could think of achieving their objectives. Right or wrong, this is what consumers have to deal with right now.

Buying Region Free DVD Or Change Your Setting?

Region free DVD is sometimes called region 0, or code free DVD. They all mean the same thing. Many DVD setups can be made region free. Or it is sometimes possible for the user to change the setting of their DVD player to the region of their choice instead of being locked to their "home" setting. However, many of dedicated, or coded DVD players can only be changed to region free or region 0.

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