Tv Video System Converter

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Convert Your System

If you have a VCR or TV that is not multisystem and you want to watch videos from other countries or for systems not compatible with yours, you might consider getting a TV video system converter. TV video system converters are stand-alone video standards converters (PAL-SECAM-NTSC). They will convert a video signal from one TV system into another.

Watch Any Video

If you wanted to convert tapes from/to PAL/NTSC for example, you'd have to connect the TR-10SP between a PAL VCR and an NTSC VCR; or between a VCR or camcorder and a TV of a different system, a PAL VCR or camcorder and an NTSC TV, for example; or between a satellite tuner receiving PAL programs and an NTSC TV, or vice versa, and so on.

Hook Up With a Region Free DVD

You can also use a TV video system converter in conjunction with a region free DVD player and your US television and watch any region or standard DVD in the world. They can be used with any make of TV or VCR and because they are digital they'll automatically detect and convert signals to give a professional result.

The Answer For You?

Buying a TV video system converter could be a solution if you're system is not giving you the viewing you need. Be aware that some manufacturers are calling these units multisystem video editors. This is exactly the same thing as a TV video system converter with a different handle!

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