Video Transfers

Written by Dallas Smith
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Video transfers to the DVD format represent the perfect solution for individuals interested in both extending the life of their media content and in facilitating access to that content. The DVD format continues to grow in popularity as the premier format for both storing and presenting media content, and transfer technology is ensuring a smooth transition from the old to the new. In many instances, videotapes still represent a very viable method for video capture, but DVDs offer a more appealing option for long-term maintenance of that video content.

Video Transfers to DVD: The Scope of the Technology

The technology that is available for carrying out video transfers to DVD encompasses a wide array of traditional tape formats. VHS, 8mm, digital video, and even foreign video formats, among others, all fall under the umbrella of content that can be converted to DVD. To that end, any service you choose for your conversion needs should be able to handle the conversion for any of these types of videotape.

Additionally, your options with regards to presentation should reflect the type of content you are converting. Specifically, if you need to carry out video transfers to DVD simply for storage needs, presentation and access to that content doesn't necessarily need to be elaborate. In contrast, if you are transferring valued family video or are envisioning extensive distribution of your content, professional presentation becomes much more of a priority.

Exploring Your Options

Whenever you consider a potential service for your videotape conversion needs, keep in mind that the more options a service can offer, the better the chance that you'll be paying for only the features that you need, and nothing more. In this regard, an established service is probably going to offer a more inclusive range of options to its customers. With such a service at your disposal, you're certain to get top-quality DVDs with just the presentation you need, at the affordable prices that you would expect.

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