Analog Devices

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Analog devices include tape recorders, film, and videotape. Some feel these are already becoming techno dinosaurs now that digital mediums of recording are so readily available. Digital sound and video are so much cheaper to produce. It's much more convenient and efficient to go digital.

Analog Devices Exit

Some people lament the loss of analog devices. They claim tape recorded sound is better than digitally recorded sound or that film looks better than digital video. Advances in digital technology, however, are improving the clarity and resolution of sound and picture in ways never before seen.

All high-tech devices are eventually bested and outdated as time goes on. This fact is as certain as the notion of what goes up must come down. I remember when laser discs were all the rage. We couldn't fathom anything so high tech. They were only in vogue for of a couple of years, though. Even though they were leaps and bounds better than video tape, they had to scoot out of the way for VHS and eventully, DVDs.

Analog and Atari

It's natural and necessary for electronic devices to become outmoded. It's part of evolution. Cell phones used to be car phones. Pong had to move over for Atari, then Nintendo, and most recently the X-Box. Although some claim analog devices can never be replaced, the dawn of digital is here and there just may be no stopping it.

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