Analog To Digital Converters

Written by Michael O'Brien
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When you hook up a microphone to your computer or run your videotape through your computer to edit, you're using analog to digital converters. This is basically what a sound or video capture card does. It converts analog information to digital so a computer can process it.

Analog to Digital Converters Are Useful

Analog to digital converters are common and necessary as society makes the switch to digital. Analog devices include videotape recorders, audio tape recorders, and cameras that use film. Such devices have been staples in our society for a very long time. They are now, however, being pushed aside to make room for the newer digital devices. This is why analog to digital converters are becoming increasingly necessary.

Some mourn the loss of analog to the ever growing world of digital recording technology. To many this is like mourning the loss of the horse and buggy to make room for cars. For society to move forward, technology must move forward. Although it may have once been true that digital had a long way to go to meet up with analog standards, modern advances in digital mediums are quickly proving that notion to be wrong.

Move Forward

Something is lost every time something else is gained. It's important to focus on the gain. Videotape recorders were nice while they lasted, but digital looks better, is cheaper, and doesn't require expensive, bulky film. No longer are young film makers stymied because they don't have tens of thousands of dollars to finance their first movie. They can just go digital, and have a great looking film to show for it.

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