Written by Seth Cotterell
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Capacitors have two primary functions in electronics. First, they are used to store electrical energy. Second, they are filters of electrical current. Capacitors allow AC (alternating current) to pass while blocking DC (direct current). Should a capacitor breakdown occur, the system failure can be catastrophic. It is critical to avoid a breakdown of this nature, and this can be accomplished by using the right capacitor for the right job.

Different types of capacitors have different voltages they can withstand. If a capacitor’s maximum voltage is exceeded, a breakdown will occur. Know the type of capacitor your system requires and the maximum voltage it can withstand when shopping for replacement parts or parts for a build-it-yourself system. Keeping a supply on hand will minimize costly down time and keep your business running at optimal levels.

Ordering Capacitors Online

To order a back up supply of capacitors, start by visiting the website of an independent electronics distributor. These distributors usually have the lowest prices available and the largest inventories. Most of the parts they will keep in stock are considered obsolete, but they are still quite functional and are ideal for use as replacement components. The prices are also much lower than for new parts.

An additional benefit of dealing with an independent online distributor is convenience. Customers are able to browse the online catalog from their home or office at any time of the day or night. There are no store hours on the Internet, and consumers can order their components 24 hours a day. Parts will be shipped directly to customers at their place of business or other specified address. The best online distributors have experienced and helpful sales people who are eager and able to assist customers with their various orders.

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