Written by Seth Cotterell
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Electrical connectors are what enable one device to interface with another. In effect, connectors connect two devices together, it is that simple. Connectors are the part at the end of a cable that is plugged into another device so they can communicate and work together. A connector can be either female or male. A female connector has holes, while a male connector has pins that are inserted into the female part.

Replacing Connectors

Because of the wear and tear of connecting and disconnecting various devices, connectors can wear out quickly. They need to be replaced with fairly regular frequency, and the cost can add up. An easy way to reduce the cost of connector maintenance is to stock up on obsolete or discontinued connectors. These can be purchased from an online distributor of electronics and components and are available at discount prices.

There are some very reputable independent distributors of electronic components that carry enormous inventories of obsolete and discontinued parts of all kinds, including connectors. An easy way to search for the connector you need is to enter the part number into the distributor’s online catalog. The search utility will pull up available quantities and manufacturers, and a sales associate will be able to provide a price quote.

The convenience and cost effectiveness these online distributors provide are the main reasons why these sites are becoming more common and of higher quality. The best of these distributors are able to buy excess inventories from other companies, and they keep massive quantities of all components in stock. Because they have such high volume and low operating expenses, they are able to pass considerable savings on to their customers.

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