Digital To Analog Converters

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Digital to analog converters are becoming a bit of a dinosaur in modern society. If, for example, you want to edit videotape on your computer, you have to convert the information into something the computer can process. You can edit the video as digital information on the computer. When you are done, you may burn the "film" onto a DVD, or you may put it back on videotape. To do the latter, you must use a digital to analog converter.

Uncommon Digital to Analog Converters

Digital to analog converters are not as common as their digital to analog counterparts. It is much more useful to convert physical analog information into digital so a computer can process the data. Few have a need to technologically move backwards.

Analog devices such as videotape recorders are falling out of style quickly. Digital videotape is much cheaper, looks better, and is easier to use. Photos and video recorded digitally can feed right into you computer. You can then edit the information, post it on your website, or even send it off in an email to a friend.

Digital is Superior

Analog videotape is much more cumbersome to use and you won't need digital to analog converters. Videotape recorders are also much larger than more compact digital devices. Videotapes are much larger than DVDs. The best thing about DVDs is the extra capacity. They have overhauled home entertainment as they offer great special features. Videotape was never able to offer the same kind of options.

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