Digital Components

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Digital components include simple devices that make up integrated circuits. These components can include diodes and transistors. Most circuits made today for things like computers and other consumer electronics can be very complex. Diodes and such are, however, quite simple when you take a closer look at how they work.

Digital Components Are Everywhere

Digital components may not seem like much when viewed separately, but they definitely are greater than the sum of their parts when used together. Integrated circuits, or microcontrollers, use these components for complex tasks like computing. Integrated circuits are used to run anything electronic.

The hard drive of your computer has silicon chips. These are integrated circuits. They are comprised of tiny digital components. This can all be very technical. We're lucky to live in a time where even the least "techy" of all of us can still enjoy the fruits of labor in the scientific world.

Can't Live Without It

The Internet, e-mail, video games, and cell phones-can you picture life without them? Try picturing it without using a digital camera. That can be tricky too. It's so easy to become reliant on technology. It's made life so much easier. Anything we need is just a click away. Digital technology makes the things we take for granted possible efficiently, cost effectively, and conveniently.

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