Discontinued Semiconductors

Written by Seth Cotterell
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The rapid rate of technical innovation in the computer industry has resulted in an extremely large proportion of discontinued semiconductors. As each newer and supposedly better semiconductor is released, older models are discontinued and no longer produced by the major manufacturers. Much of the equipment that relies on these discontinued semiconductors, however, is still in widespread use in homes and businesses around the country.

When a computer or other piece of equipment that uses a discontinued semiconductor experiences a problem, users will no longer be able to get replacement parts from the manufacturer. Once a semiconductor has been discontinued, the manufacturer’s stock will diminish rapidly, and once it is gone, there will be no manufacturer direct replacement semiconductors available for consumers in need.

Distributors of Discontinued Semiconductors

There is no need to despair, though, if your computer at home or the office is using an older semiconductor. There are a few excellent independent distributors of discontinued and obsolete electronics that specialize in buying and selling this sort of product. They maintain huge inventories of discontinued semiconductors, obsolete transistors, military surplus gear, and other high tech gadgetry. The best distributors offer prices that are extremely low and their selections are quite impressive.

When you visit the independent distributor’s website, you will most likely have several search options available. If you know the part number of the discontinued semiconductor, simply enter it or go to the parts menu to browse selection. You may also browse by manufacturer if you do not know the part number. If you are not totally sure what part you need, enter a search parameter such as “semiconductor” into the site’s search function to see full listings.

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