Electrical Connectors

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Electrical connectors are either male or female. The male part contains pins that are inserted into the holes of the female part. This allows two devices to interface when plugged in together. They are certainly not as complicated or sophisticated as other electronic components such as semiconductors or integrated circuits, but they are extremely important nonetheless. Without properly functioning connectors, a system simply will not work.

Electrical Connector Distributors

So where does a company go to find connectors when the need arises? They can of course go to a local electronics retailer, but selection at these stores is limited and prices are usually high. Another alternative is to find electrical connectors online. The best place to find these components online is through an independent distributor of electronics. Their prices are generally much lower than those at chain electronics stores, and they have a much wider selection.

An independent distributor that sells obsolete and discontinued electronic components will have the widest selection and lowest prices of all. They typically have massive warehouses or networks that contain millions of products, and there is no shortage of connectors available. Browsing by part number is usually the fastest way to find what you’re looking for, but you can also search by manufacturer or browse data sheets.

If your company has an excess supply of connectors and no way to get rid of them, independent distributors are the best solution again. They act as inventory buyers and will purchase all usable connectors and other electronic components in what is called a lot bid. A second alternative is to sell your electrical connectors on consignment, where the distributor finds a buyer for you for a small percentage of the sale price.

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