Electronic And Computer Parts

Written by Michael O'Brien
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There are as many different kinds of electronic and computer parts as there are organs in the human body. In fact, using the human body as a model is a good way to look at how electronic and computer parts work. Just like any functioning machine, the body follows certain rules to which all working things must adhere. Let's take a closer look at what I mean.

A Body of Parts

The human body takes in nutrients in the form of food, water, and oxygen. Our digestive system takes those raw elements and breaks them down into smaller chunks that our body can use. These smaller chunks take the form of the raw chemicals and nutrients that every organ needs to function. Our veins carry these nutrients throughout our body in our blood, and the blood fuels our organs.

Electronic and Computer Parts Work the Same Way

Electronic and computer parts are very much like our organs. Instead of food and water, they need electricity. That electricity is then distributed throughout an electronic device through conductors. The conductors run through things like diodes and resistors to regulate that flow of power through various circuits and components needed to make a machine, like a computer, work.

Just as parts of our body would eventually break down and fail if their ability to absorb nutrients from the blood were to stop functioning, the same is true of electronic components that break down. The only difference is that electronic components are much easier to replace than human organs. Of course, such components don't have the ability to heal themselves like the human body does either.

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