Electronic Component Excess

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Electronic component excess is a common problem faced by many companies in various industries. When a project is completed, companies often find that they have excess inventories of electronics that they simply have no use for anymore. Their options are to dispose of the excess, sell it, or store it themselves.

Electronic Components Excess Options

Disposing of excess electronic components is a waste of resources. Just throwing out unused inventories is like throwing money out the window. Storing excess inventories is also impractical because of the cost associated with storing it. Selling unused, excess inventories of electronic components is the best alternative. Even if it is sold at very low prices, at least some money can be earned.

The problem some companies face is trying to find someone who will buy their excess inventory. This is actually much easier than many realize. There are independent distributors of electronic components that purchase excess inventories from companies and the military and then sell the components to other businesses and individuals who require the parts. They are often able to sell components for very low prices, and their selections are typically extensive.

Distributors buy electronic component excesses in different ways. One way is through a lot bid. A lot bid is when the distributor simply purchases an entire inventory of usable electronic components and then sells them to customers. Consignment sales are another method. Consignments are when the distributor acts as a broker for another company’s products. The distributor’s sales force will market your products for you and take only a small percentage of the sales.

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