Electronic Vacuum Tubes

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Electronic vacuum tubes are essentially a thing of the past. Many items, though high tech and cutting edge in their days, are moved to the side as newer, more efficient devices are created. Inventions like the Model T, Betamax, CB radios, and Pong were all very exciting when they arrived on the market and in our homes. Their rise and fall is a necessary part of scientific evolution.

Electronic Vacuum Tubes: See Ya!

It's fun to think about what we view as high tech now being obsolete in the future. We'll say things like, "Can you believe we used cable broadband-it was sssoooo slow!" Then we'll continue to complain about our two pound laptop computer that was so achingly cumbersome. Inevitably, even the highest of the high tech will fall.

Hello, Transistors

In the case of electronic vacuum tubes, it's the transistor which has shoved it aside. Electronic vacuum tubes are considered huge by our modern standards. Thirty years ago, a computer with the power of the one you're using would practically be the size of a house. Remember the huge computer in the movie War Games? It filled a room and was mostly used to play Chess.

Transistors allowed scientists to make everything smaller. This is why we can now enjoy palm pilots and microscopic cell phones with built-in cameras and GPS devices. Computers are being designed smaller every day. Experts predict the computer of the future will be worn around our wrist like a bracelet and its display seen through a pair of goggles or glasses.

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