Electronics Surplus

Written by Seth Cotterell
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At the end of a major project, many companies discover that they have a surplus of electronic components. Most of these companies have no further use for the electronics that are now cluttering their inventory, and no way to dispose of them either. Disposing of an electronics surplus is actually much easier than many company representatives realize, however. All you have to know is where to look.

Selling Electronics Surplus

The good news for companies with an electronics surplus is that there are experienced, reputable independent distributors of obsolete electronics that specialize in buying unused electronic components from companies with excess inventories. The distributor will purchase your surplus, then bring it to the warehouse where it will be cataloged and sold on the company’s website. Your company will make some extra money by selling the unused inventory, and the distributor will profit by selling items individually to other companies and individuals.

Your electronics surplus will be taken off your hands in one of two ways. The first is a lot bid. A lot bid is an outright sale of an unused inventory. The distributor will make a bid on all usable items in your inventory, then bring them to its warehouse where they will be stored and resold to other buyers. This is a simple method and is best for companies that want to get rid of their surplus immediately.

The second option is a consignment deal. This is not an outright sale of your surplus, but rather a type of temporary partnership between you and the distributor. The distributor will catalog all the parts you have for sale, but instead of purchasing them directly and shipping them to its warehouse, the distributor’s marketing force will find buyers for you. The buyers will purchase the products and the distributor/middle man will take only a small percentage. This option is best suited for companies in less of a hurry to dispose of their electronics surplus.

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