Excess Electronics

Written by Seth Cotterell
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It is common for companies to have excess inventories of electronic components following the completion of a major project. Once the project is finished and the electronics are no longer needed, some companies find it difficult to dispose of the now obsolete components. The good news for businesses in this situation is that there are independent distributors of obsolete and discontinued electronics that will buy excess electronic components.

The independent distributor will buy excess inventories in one of two ways. The first option is the best choice for companies that want to dispose of their surplus immediately. This is a direct purchase of an entire inventory. The distributor will catalog all usable electronics in your inventory, then purchase them directly from you. The distributor will then ship the items to its own warehouse where they will be added to the online database to be sold to consumers.

The second excess inventory disposal option is what is referred to as a consignment sale. This is the best choice for companies that are not in as big a hurry to dispose of their surplus components and are wiling to wait for a potentially higher bid. In this option, the distributor again catalogs all usable electronic items but instead of purchasing them directly from the company, it acts as a sort of middle man. The distributor’s experienced sales team will market your products for you, locating buyers and negotiating prices. When the sale is complete, the distributor will be paid a small fee for its brokering services.

Buying Excess Electronics

If disposing of surplus is not your company’s concern, independent online distributors are also the best place to purchase obsolete electronic components. The independent distributor will have an inventory of literally millions of obsolete and discontinued electronic components for sale at very low prices. Online distributors are able to offer the lowest prices because of their experience in buying excess inventories and because they have the lowest operating expenses.

Online distributors are also the most convenient place to purchase excess electronic equipment. There is no sales floor filled with pushy, commissioned salespeople. Instead, all available products are listed on the company’s website. Searching by part number is the easiest way to locate the product you need, but you can also search by manufacturer or even alphabetically by category. Customers can browse the online catalog 24 hours a day, and you can do it from your home or office computer.

Excess Electronic Components

Independent online distributors have the widest selection of obsolete and discontinued products available. They stock and sell all types of electronic components, even hard to find items. Integrated circuits are a common item listen on a distributor’s website. Integrated circuits are also called chips. They are categorized by the number of transistors and other components found on each circuit. A single integrated circuit can contain anywhere from one to over one million individual transistors.

Electrical capacitors are another common item found in excess electronic listings. Capacitors serve to store electrical energy and to filter its flow. Capacitors block direct current, which can harm other electronic components, while allowing alternating current to pass through. Every capacitor has its own maximum tolerable voltage, also called the breakdown voltage, that when exceeded, will damage the capacitor and cause system malfunction.

Even extremely sophisticated pieces of electronic equipment are available for sale online. Semiconductors and hard drives can be purchased, as can surplus mil-spec parts. Mil-spec parts meet military specifications outlined by the government and they are for use in military applications.

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