Independent Electronics Distributors

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Many consumers are familiar only with the big name corporations when it comes to electronics and computer components. Most of the large corporate electronics chains sell thousands of different products in several different departments. In the same store consumers can find televisions, computers and computer components, stereos, washing machines, dryers, CDs, DVDs, games, and a wide range of other electronic equipment. Such stores typically employ staffs of aggressive, pushy salespeople motivated by commission incentives.

Corporate electronics stores are not the only way to purchase parts and equipment, however. There are several independent electronics distributors that specialize in discount computer parts and accessories for price-conscious consumers. Independent electronics distributors are able to offer low prices, wide selections, and highly trained and professional staffs not working for commission.

Saving Money with Independent Electronics Distributors

Independent electronics distributors are able to save customers money in two ways. First, because they do not operate dozens or hundreds of chain stores around the nation, they have much lower operating expenses than corporate distributors. The best independent distributors operate primarily over the Internet. They maintain an online database of available products that customers can browse 24 hours a day from the comfort of their home or office. Without having to hire, train, and maintain large sales forces, independent electronics distributors are able to pass those savings on to consumers.

Independent electronics distributors are also able to save consumers money by selling products at discount prices. They can do this by purchasing excess inventories of obsolete electronic parts from other companies or the military. These obsolete components can then be sold to customers at sharply discounted rates.

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