Instant Pcb Quotes

Written by Adam Blau
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If you wish to create a customized circuit board for an electronics device, it may be worth it to hire the services of a company dedicated to circuit board fabrication. In many cases, the accuracy and speed with which these companies can produce your board may justify the potential hiring costs. Production techniques have been developed that can get printed circuit boards to you quickly, each with the pinpoint accuracy of machine-created boards.

Buying Your Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

It is possible to find internet-based companies from whom you can order customized PCBs in virtually any quantity or complexity. The ordering policies of these companies obviously differ from one to the next, but there are some basics that should be taken into account when planning to order your circuit board from any company. By thoroughly preparing your basic designs in advance, you can ensure that your price quote will be accurate and affordable.

One factor that may affect the cost of your circuit board is the amount of layers used in the circuit board design. For most companies, the simpler 2-layer boards will cost less than four-layer or six-layer boards. Furthermore, an extra charge may be required for a legend or mask layer on the circuit board.

In many cases, a company may offer bulk discounts on circuit board orders. That is to say, the more boards of a particular design that you order, the lower the per-board cost. The size of the board will also affect the overall pricing of orders from most companies. By planning your board efficiently and in the least amount of necessary space, you can keep your costs down.

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