Just In Time Electronics

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Just in time electronics refers to a sales philosophy that many retailers in obsolete electronic parts are following nowadays. When a company has computers, copy machines, or some other vital electronic devices that go down, time is money. When that equipment is older and uses obsolete parts, this can be a real problem. Many retailers are in business to help with just such an issue.

Just in Time Electronics to the Rescue

Just in time electronics, as the name implies, is a system intended to get replacement parts to people as quickly as possible. Obsolete components for older equipment can be a major problem to find. Companies that specialize in the purchasing and supply of these devices must be able to meet demand. Even if they don't have something that may be needed in stock, they should know how and where to get that item.

I had a personal experience with this exact kind of situation once. I used to work as an audio engineer for a recording studio. Many rock bands would come through our door, and I saw a lot of interesting pieces of equipment. The lead guitarist for one band in particular used a guitar amplifier that employed vacuum tubes. He claimed they allowed the amp to produce a specific sound he liked.

Unfortunately, one of the vacuum tubes in the amplifier burned out, rendering it useless. We were on a strict deadline with the record company this band was affiliated with, and didn't have time to go looking for a replacement. If we had the benefit of just in time electronics at our disposal, we may have been able to salvage the recording session. Unfortunately, it had to be canceled and rescheduled, costing everyone a lot of time and money.

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