Mil Spec Components

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Mil-spec parts are electronic components that were designed for use in military applications. Mil-spec components, while originally designed for use in military products, are quite versatile and can be used in any number of applications. They are highly sought after components by individuals and companies who use them in their own military surplus equipment or other electronic applications.

Distributors of Mil-Spec Components

Independent distributors of discontinued and obsolete electronic components are the best resource for locating mil-spec components. Distributors that specialize in uncommon or hard-to-find electronics often carry large inventories of mil-spec parts that can be purchased for low prices. The bargain prices of mil-spec parts purchased from an independent distributor are one reason they are so desirable to companies looking to cut costs and increase profitability.

When the military or a company using military equipment finishes a project, they often have excess inventories of electronic components. The military has a virtually limitless budget and ordering new parts and new models for the next project is more common than storing and using the left over parts at a later date. The military is happy to sell off its extras for next to nothing, and distributors are happy to purchase them. Companies that use mil-spec parts in their own projects also frequently have surplus components at the end of a project that they would rather sell to a distributor than store in their own inventory.

As a result, some of the larger independent distributors now have enormous inventories of mil-spec parts and other hard-to-find components. Companies in need of switches, relays, semiconductors, and circuits can easily find all the mil-spec components and electronics they will need at bargain prices at a distributor’s online warehouse.

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