Mil-spec Connectors

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Mil-spec connectors include aircraft connectors, automotive connectors, cable connectors, electric wire & cable connectors and fiber optic connectors. Connectors and all electronic parts intended for military use must meet required specifications. They may be hard to come by and have an extensive waiting period due to the fact that the military has such strict standards regarding the supply of electronic components.

Mil-spec Connectors and Shells

Mil-spec connectors have a main connector housing that is called a shell. These are available in various sizes. Shell type connectors for military use are designed to protect the connection from environmental factors, such as weather, dirt, and debris. Electronics must meet certain standards to be engaged in military use for security and quality purposes.

The military uses its equipment in all kinds of circumstances. Mil-spec connectors may even find themselves under fire. They have to be tough and meet standardized military specifications to be allowed for use. No one wants to find they ordered a defective electronic part once the life of someone is at stake on the battlefield. When lives are on the line, there is simply no margin for error.

Ultimately, military equipment is used to serve Americans. Even down to the simplest diode or transistor, it's important that military equipment function flawlessly. Simple devices make up complex circuits and create machines like radar, satellite navigation, or missile targeting systems. It is difficult for many suppliers to meet the demand of the military because of its high standards, and this is creating a problem for the military electronics industry.

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