Military Grade Electronics

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Currently there is a shortage of readily available military grade electronics. With war overseas, there's an almost five percent increase called for military defense spending next year. Experts wonder if there will be enough parts available to fill the need. Some suppliers are working hard to meet the military grade electronics market need, while others continue to avoid it. The reason for this has to do with cost. Supplying electronic parts to the military can get expensive, and the cost is often not worth the return.

Shortage of Military Grade Electronics

Last year, there were shortages in capacitors and resistors for the military. It seems the supply couldn't get up to speed quickly enough to meet the sudden demand. In some cases, parts are ordered a year or more before they can be delivered. It's a lot to ask to have to wait 65 weeks to have a component delivered.

One reason for the shortage is that some suppliers prefer to cater to the commercial rather than the military grade electronics market. They find the military to be less profitable. In the commercial market, suppliers simply sell what is needed to appreciative customers. When the military is involved, suppliers have more to do and it's often not worth it.

Military Standards

To provide for military needs, suppliers have to verify the origin of parts and assure that they meet military specifications. This slows down the entire process. Though military rules must be strict in some instances, it's counter-productive when specifications make a product undeliverable. Because of this, the military may need to rethink it's stance on electronics.

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