Military Microcontrollers

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Military microcontrollers are integrated circuits intended exclusively for military use. They are complete computer systems on a silicon chip. Since they are used by the military, they must meet standard specifications. This can be a hassle for suppliers and is one reason why military microcontrollers can be hard to find.

Military Microcontrollers Are Scarce

The economic process of supplying electronics to the military is difficult. It's definitely more complicated than with simpler commercial sales. This is why there is an increasing shortage in military electronic parts, like military microcontrollers. Suppliers simply don't want to sell to the military. There's less profit and more costly standards that have to be met.

Microcontrollers are handy and have many useful purposes. We'd have a tough time functioning in this modern world without them. They are commonly used to conduct repetitive operations. These operations are not only things humans would not want to do, but also would be potentially hazardous, such as some forms of automobile assembly line work. Microcontrollers also play a big part in the automated functions that occur in our everyday lives that we often take for granted.

Traffic Microcontrollers

Traffic lights, for example, utilize microcontrollers. It's an easy argument that this is highly efficient. Have you ever seen when a traffic light goes out? Some drivers know to treat the intersection as if it had stop signs, others don't. It's quite a mess. Without microcontrollers, things would get a lot more chaotic in our society.

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