Military Surplus

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Online distributors of obsolete electronic components are one of the best places to locate military surplus items. Companies that specialize in obsolete electronics maintain warehouses that are filled with military surplus gear. Even if the company does not keep certain parts on hand, they typically have extensive databases that can locate and track electronic parts around the world.

These online distributors acquire their military surplus items by acting as excess inventory buyers. They either purchase outdated equipment directly from the military, or from companies that previously worked with military gear. The distributor either buys up an entire obsolete inventory in what is called a lot bid, then resells the electronic components for a profit or acts as a middle man for someone else. They catalog and market the obsolete electronics for someone else and take a percentage of the sale. This is called a consignment deal.

Locating the exact piece of military surplus equipment should be quite simple. A good online distributor will have an easy to navigate website that lists exact quantities, names, part numbers, and manufacturers of each item in stock. Even if they do not have the item in their warehouse, as in the case of a consignment deal, they can locate it easily and quickly.

Brand Name Military Surplus Equipment

The top online distributors of military surplus equipment carry circuits and semiconductors from some of the best brand name manufacturers in the industry. It is not uncommon to find military surplus gear made by Texas Instruments, Altera, and Xicor listed on the database of the best distributors. Prices are generally very low and products are in excellent condition.

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